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lunedì, aprile 18, 2005

Un RFID sù per il c...orpo

MSN Money Website Asks: Would You Have An RFID Chip Implanted In Your Body?

Alex Jones' Prison Planet/Paul Joseph Watson | July 1 2004

Microsoft's MSN Money website is currently running a poll asking its readers if they would voluntarily have an RFID tracking chip implanted in their body.

To the majority of us with a shred of common sense this would be like asking, would you like a bullet to be fired into your brain? However, the website couches the question in positive semantics by stating, 'The radio frequency chips are becoming more popular. But would you put one in your body?'

The rest of the piece states, "Some retailers love the idea of radio frequency identification chips, which they can use to easily track merchandise. Wal-Mart (WMT, news, msgs), for instance, wants its suppliers to tag items shipped to the giant retailer.

But there are other uses of RFID that have some people worried. Passports will soon have some RFID ability, which means authorities could track your movements around an airport. There's even talk of having RFID chips placed under people's skin, possibly encoded with items like their work security pass."

Rather disturbing is that fact that at time of writing, only 81 percent are against the notion. That means almost two in ten people want a microchip in their body allowing the government to track their movements. This is vomit-inducing. Please click here and vote no to send a message to these people that Big Brother is not 'cool' and implantable microchips are the modern day concentration camp tattoo.

By pure coincidence (ahem) IBM, the company behind Verichip, the major retailer of implantable chips, also ran the cataloging system used by the Nazis to store information on Jews in Hitler Germany. Something tells me we should be a tad more concerned about that than who's going to win American Idol.