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(Radio Frequency IDentification)

Per chi vuole capire DOVE stiamo andando... e sopratutto CHI ci sta guidando!

sabato, dicembre 16, 2006

Faccia a faccia per un caffè..

Grad students in San Diego build biometric vending machine
Monday, July 31 2006

By Andy Williams, Contributing Editor

A group of grad students at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are in the process of creating what one of the students calls the "most over-designed soda machine in the world."

Right now, the machine has attached to it a barcode scanner, a fingerprint reader, and a web cam for facial recognition. Want a Coke? Stick your thumb on the reader so the machine recognizes you as having an account, take out the drink, then walk way, never having had to reach into your pocket for change.